Constitution Revision

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2014 Constitution Revision

On November 23, 2014, at our Annual Meeting, we presented a draft constitution congregation.

The proposed constitution is the result of a lengthy congregational process. Last year, the process was set in motion by the council, which brought a preliminary draft to the congregation in May 2015. That draft was been edited and revised by an ad-hoc committee from the congregation over the summer. It was was approved by the conference. We’ve had congregational conversations, allowed for written and spoken comments, and taken all feedback seriously as we edited the draft again for clarity, consistency, and character. This final draft, we believe, sets a governance foundation for the next generation of ministry at Covenant Community Church.

According to our current constitution, we will have 12 months to read and discuss this document, before we vote on it and it becomes our official constitution. To this end, the Interim Leadership Team hosted a series of conversations about the new constitution over the last year.

A draft of the constitution was presented at the May 18, 2015 congregational meeting. You can download or view a copy here.  Here is a link to our current constitution.

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