Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

Dear Friends,

From the children at Covenant Community Church who are believers in, and disciples of, God our Lord and Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit:

  • We wish you peace.
  • We would like to tell the good news: Jesus is risen from the dead.  He died because he loved us.  Since he loved us so much, we should love him and one another with all our hearts.

We at Covenant Community Church try to show our love for one another and Jesus in these ways:

  • We greet each other warmly,
  • We share food and meals,
  • We welcome new people,
  • We care for each other,
  • We pray for each other,
  • We take care of each other in times of trouble,
  • We teach one another about God’s love.

Peace out!
The Kids of Covenant Community Church