God is on a mission.  God’s mission is nothing less than the restoration and beautiful completion of all things.  God’s Mission seeks to right the wrongs of the world, establish peaceable relationships and build authentic community through the followers of Jesus.

At Covenant Community Church we are discovering the intersection of God’s Mission and our lives.  When we come to that intersection, we live life in the mission of God: living for God’s glory and neighbor’s good.

This is to say, that God’s mission is to us and through us.

Logo of the Evangelical Covenant ChurchWhen we talk about God’s mission, to us and through us, we are using our Covenant Church Logo.  (You can read the denominational explanation of this logo, here.)   When we see this logo, we see a map of God’s mission to the world.  At the very center of God’s mission and the map is a cross, reminding us that it is Jesus who is the center of God’s Mission and our lives together.  And the cross has two beams.  The vertical beam represents life lived in the mission of God to us: our relationship with God transforms us through worship and through spiritual growth.  The horizontal beam of the cross represents life lived in the mission of God through us.  Our relationship with God changes our relationship with the rest of the world.  With outstretched arms, we invite others into community, and serve others in compassion, mercy and justice.

Living life together in God’s mission–to us and through us–is only possible in community.  So, together we foster this community by extending genuine hospitality to one another and by caring for one another in difficult times.  Community in Christ is the glue that holds our lives together, it is the focus of the Mission of God to us and through us as we worship, invite, grow, and serve.

Mission and Ministry Map