Relentless Compassion

The mission of Covenant Community Church is to bring people together to embody God’s love in the world through practicing radical hospitality, nurturing sustainable faith, and living lives of relentless compassion.

In the community Jesus started, Jesus embodied God’s heart of compassion, mercy and justice.  In his life, wrongs are set right, hurts are healed, sins are forgiven, diseases cured, demons cast-out, and unjust systems are challenged.  As we follow Jesus’ spiritual path we also adopt God’s heart for the world.  In mercy our hearts are broken with suffering in the world.  In acts of compassion we give ourselves to meet the needs of others.  In the work of justice, we seek to be part of the solutions to broken systems that cause hurt in the world.  Jesus’ pursuit of compassion, mercy and justice was relentless.  He did not stop when it became costly for him, but relying on God, he pursued it even though it cost him his life.  As followers of Jesus way, we seek to live lives of relentless compassion, mercy and justice.