Compassion Quilts

At Covenant Community Church we aim to be people living lives of relentless compassion.

This means helping others by sharing burdens and struggles. It means trusting in God’s resources so we can be free to give ourselves to others. It means addressing real problems in real lives. We also know that we can’t fix every problem, but that we can be there for folks who struggle. We embody the message, “You are not alone. You are loved. God’s grace surrounds you.”

At CCC our compassion for others sometimes takes the form of giving away quilts. We make, bless, and share quilts with people who are in a time of struggle. Whether someone is dealing with a sudden sickness or injury, cancer or long term illness, a time of grief or mental illness, infertility, or relationship struggles, we help by offering spiritual gifts of care and prayer symbolized in the physical gift of a quilt.

It’s a beautiful thing to wrap yourself in a handmade quilt, warm with the thoughts and prayers of a community who cares for you. It is a comforting thing to know that there are others to whom you matter. It is a healing thing to know that God’s grace surrounds you. The gift of a compassion quilt is open-ended, given with no strings attached, to folks who attend our church or live in the community. Sometimes a quit is returned and given out to another member of the community. Other times, a quit is kept forever. Prayer Quilts are always given in love and with the intention of helping others know God’s healing and comforting grace.

You can help us in this work of compassion by donating a quilt or supplies and by letting us know of someone who would benefit from receiving a quilt.