Covenant Community Church, from it’s very beginning 25 years ago, has always been a mission centered church. We, as a congregation, are strongly rooted in a sense of community — the community within our church and also that which is outside our four walls — and are continuously led to help our brothers and sisters in need in any way possible. It is this sense of mission which has prompted us to turn our attention to the issue of hunger in Vermont because even though it is often less visible than in metropolitan areas, it most definitely exists. At the Covenant Community Church, our tag line is “Come As You Are”, which is an invitation to all to walk through our doors no matter where you are in your life: believer, non-believer, wealthy, needy, traditional, non-traditional…and our promise to you is that we will meet you where you are and help in any way we can. We are a community of people dedicated to helping others as a part of our Christian journey.


Senior Meals

Covenant Community Church is a site of the CVAA Sr. Meal program.  CVAA provides the meals, we provide hospitality.  It’s a simple as that, but it means a lot.