We encourage people to live with a profound sense of gratitude.  We acknowledge that every aspect of life e.g. our health, talents, possessions, the natural world, and our place in it have been entrusted to each of us by God.  In response, we are compelled to find ways to nurture, use and distribute those gifts.

Perhaps our philosophy of stewardship is best summarized in the refrain of the song Christian Heart:

But I can keep it simple
I can be your servant
I can share a Christian heart…

But I can keep it simple
And I can help a neighbor
And I can stop and listen
And I can rest in you Lord
And I can sing your praises
And I can tell your story
I can share a Christian heart.

Christian Heart.  Words and Music by Ron Lawrence.  Copyright 2009, Jericho Road Crew.   All rights reserved.