What Makes Us Different

 We have an unofficial motto that goes something like, “Unity in Christ.  Diversity in all else.” That sounds nice; but, it doesn’t keep those small differences from invading our relationships. Our church motto is “Come as You Are.” I think we’re pretty good at welcoming people wherever they are in their Christian walk. But it means that we have differences from the get go. “Come as you are” can be difficult to live out. We seek to be a community of individuals growing in our relationship with God and with each other. One of the things that may make our church a little different is that we’ve begun to think about these things…these differences…and we have begun to explore them. We’ve begun to look beyond our political and theological differences long enough to actually examine them together. What often results is the realization that no matter how great our differences seem to be, we have much more in common. We have found, time and again, that we tend to make assumptions about each other which are almost always wrong. And finally, even if we haven’t changed each others’ minds, we have a better understanding for how the other got to where they are.  Looking carefully at our difference actually deepens our relationships.